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Why does our brain act like an old car that needs wheel alignment and it keeps pulling to the left HARD.

Every chance it gets, it pulls to the left unless you keep a tight grasp at wheel but how convenient is that?

This is a 5 minute read that will change your life, get ready.

How convenient is it to be so attentive and tense the whole time you drive that your body and mind can't focus on anything else? Not very convenient, and how do I know that every single one of you reading can relate to what I'm saying at some level, whether it be one negative thought a day or 10,000 of them, we all deal with them. Some of us have trained our Neural Pathways aka brain roads to think more positively and the negative roads are deserted. Some of us may not be there yet and there is no shame in that.

Ever since we lived in tribes, our brain is constantly trying to keep us alive which is why it naturally as a survival tool tends to think of the worst situations possible in order to assess threat and eliminate it. Only in modern society we are basically surrounded by what our brain perceives as "threats" whereas 100,000 years ago we only had a handful of things to worry about.

So what do we do ? How do we control our thoughts, do we actively think positive? Affirmations? Yea they can work. But we also are high performing individuals or at least we want to be. 

Our thoughts primarily stem from or core beliefs.  What are your core beliefs?
What does our brain know subconsciously and for a fact?

Core beliefs are the fundamental ideas you have about ourselves, others, and the world. They are mostly formed in childhood and solidified through repeated experiences. Unless we have done hardcore self reflection work and engaged in intentional Cognitive behavior therapy, we're all patched up dolls with childhood trauma trying to hide behind Vanity or something else. Core beliefs can be positive, like "I am capable," or negative, such as "I am not good enough." These beliefs act as filters through which we interpret our daily experiences, and they can significantly influence our thoughts and behaviors.

Also, our core beliefs are a product of conditioning – the process by which we learn to respond in a certain way to certain stimuli. Conditioning can come from family, culture, societal norms, and personal experiences. It can be both a conscious and unconscious process, leading us to adopt beliefs without necessarily questioning their validity. 

How do we identify what our core beliefs are? You likely have to do some introspection and you come to a conclusion. This has to be cooked and is not a microwave meal if you get the parable.

Try to notice recurring patterns in your thoughts and behaviors. What do they suggest about your underlying beliefs? For example: If you have always made average money or haven't succeeded to your standards yet and you never find yourself looking at Rolex watches or Gucci bags not necessarily because you don't like them but because of an underlying belief that is "I don't have that kind of money" then check how much money you have. If you don't have a lot of money, that's a feedback loop there. 

That example is extreme and I hope you get my point.

So as you journal later on (I hope you do otherwise you'll forget all of this by the time you see the third reel on IG) reflect on how your cultural and societal environment may have shaped your beliefs.
Consider the beliefs and values imparted by your family and how they affect your current mindset.
Analyze how your unique experiences have contributed to your conditioning.

A very very important part on all of this introspection and analyzing is that you are not you. I don't know if you already know this but your mind and your body are tools and vessels that your spirit has been provided with to navigate your time on this earth. You are not *Insert you name* , you're not Jeff, or Hannah or Emily or James or whatever name you inserted above.

Take yourself out of yourself and then look at yourself. When do I this and I do this all the time now I see it as, "How is Sumant feeling" "What thoughts are taking over Sumants brain" "How does Sumant look in this Jacket" Not how am I feeling. I don't feel stressed, Sumant does. I'm a spirit, abundant and eternal. My mind and body is just walking flesh. 

Scientifically, when you do this you detach yourself from your thoughts, beliefs, habits and feelings which allows you to make changes easily. No shame in feeling however, if your teenage friends, TV , movies conditioned you to feel bad when you do *Insert "shameful" act* then you are naturally going to feel bad because that belief has not been challenged yet. If you don't believe, insert whatever belief there and see for yourself.

Now, how do we change these core beliefs, but not all of them, only the sucky ones.

Btw, for your future brain hacking purposes, this is how beliefs work


This is how your brain forms a belief and believe it or not, you can form nearly ANT belief using this theory and putting it into practice.

Also, Changing core beliefs is not an overnight process. It requires self-awareness, time, and effort. It's safe to say that we all need to leave the "easy money" mentality that Covid gave us because the economy boomed after it. Not you? Okay maybe only I got the easy money mentality but I have long let it go by now.

To challenge a belief ask yourself, "Is this belief always true?" Look for evidence that contradicts this core belief. 
Understand where these beliefs come from. Are they based on facts or conditioned responses?

I do tons of conditioning work with my clients.

Now write down your new beliefs and ground them in your Reality. Don't try to bullshit yourself here please. Your brain knows when your belief is grounded in reality and when you're just following the trend of writing down "affirmations". And keep in mind we're talking beliefs not goals here, don't mix them up. Your new belief is likely going to be the opposite of your old limiting belief that held you back. Then start with the thought, feel the good feeling. Now look for evidence for that new belief so your brain believes you. Find real evidence from your life about your new belief, amplify it, put it on a pedestal and feel how great you felt when that reality was in present tense.

Visualize yourself in the new belief, the more you visualize the better you will get at it. The better you are at visualizing the stronger your belief will be, the stronger your beliefs the shorter the lag time for those beliefs to start affecting your Reality. Boom, that is a mic drop if there ever was one. 

So now when you have your new beliefs written down, start acting on them slowly. Right now in your brain the road for these new beliefs in your brain is just a flat land of tall grass and there is no path (Neural pathways). If you continue observing yourself, you'll literally watch a negative thought try to walk into your mind as if it owns the place...not anymore. The new bouncers you hired (Core beliefs) grab the negative thought by the side and promptly throw it out of the club (your brain) now picture someone literally getting thrown out of a club and the doors shut behind them, use this imagery next time a negative thought tries to take over after this. 

As you strengthen the new core beliefs, the Synapses in your brain are getting stronger just like working out and as you ignore your negative thoughts, as time goes by, you sleep, eat, take vacations etc. The beautiful process of synaptic pruning in your brain will make the negative thoughts weaker and weaker and weaker and eventually there will be an open field and no negative thoughts will last, they try to knock on the door of your brain and the door won't open and if it does, you're not bothered so they leave because even negative thoughts have dignity, they don't stay anywhere where they're not valued. Stop giving value and focus to your negative thoughts and your negative beliefs will weaken and disappear .

Let me come back to the main point. Your beliefs control your thoughts, now when your beliefs are positive and rooted in reality and Strong , you will have positive thoughts. Now that you've learnt how to automate positive thoughts , pick whichever positive thought you want from the vast sea of abundance at your disposal. From now on, anytime a negative thought comes at you it just slides off like rain drops on a window. Read this again if you need to, if you journal after or during, you will gain more insight and value than you can put a dollar amount to.

If you have questions on this, reach out to me directly at [email protected] I respond to every single email.

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I have a lot of love, compassion and empathy for you because I know for a fact that you have no flaw. Maybe your conditioning does but that's not you. The more I research about the brain and how our brain works the more I see that we humans are flawless, pure and an eternal spirit, only what we are taught and indoctrinated makes us "who" we are. Challenge everything

As always, you are enough, you are loved

-Sumant Joshi

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