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Identity Mapping: Navigating and shaping your true self in a constantly evolving world.

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Identity Mapping: Navigating and Shaping Your True Self in a Constantly Evolving World

In today's rapidly changing world, understanding and shaping our identity has never been more important. Identity mapping is not just about knowing who we are, but also about actively crafting and evolving our sense of self to achieve our goals and adapt to new environments.

You've likely heard this several times "It's not about what you do , it's about who you need to become" and everything else falls in place.

Understanding Identity Mapping

Identity mapping is a dynamic process. It involves deep introspection and an ongoing assessment of;

  • who we are
  • what we value
  • where we want to go

It's like being a cartographer of your own life, constantly drawing and redrawing the map of your identity based on new experiences, insights, and goals.

The Foundation: Knowing Your True Self

The first step in identity mapping is understanding your core. This involves asking yourself some fundamental questions:

  • Who am I? Beyond your name and the roles you play, your ethnicity , color , gender etc. Consider your intrinsic qualities.
  • What are my values? Identify what truly matters to you – these are the signposts guiding your journey. And going beyond what your values, the deeper question is why those values? How did those values get there? Was it actually you who put them there or was it 99% external influences? Who is in our ear is ever more important, people love to project, give you free advice. I have a principle of not listening to anyone who doesn't live in enlightenment and joy. Please don't think if someone is "successful" or Rich then their advice will be good. I know many people like that who have done zero inside work, they did something to make money and they may teach you how to do that but be extra careful of who gets to be in your ear, our seeds determine our harvest and words are seed.
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses? Self-awareness is key to leveraging your potential and addressing areas of growth. We are overloaded with information now more than ever and we think that if we're constantly learning through audiobooks, podcasts, YouTube etc then we will "succeed" . It's becoming a basic survival mechanism that we think we need but if we aren't retaining and applying the information that we learn then aren't we just using the "busyness" and always having airpods in our ears as a placebo that makes us feel good? Mankinds biggest problem is that a very small amount of people can actually sit inside a room by themselves with their own thoughts and no external stimuli. Spending time inside our own lives is what is going to bring us what we are really looking for and not by watching TV for hours or scrolling mindlessly. You may say you go to work and spend 10+ hours a day in your life and that's a lot but when you're engaging, you're really not able to pay attention to self. It's always connected to a someone or a something. I got carried away here but you get my point. Spend with you . The most important person in your life <3 .

Navigating an Evolving World

As the world changes, so do we. Our identities are not static; they're shaped by our interactions, experiences, and the evolving societal landscape. Embracing this fluidity is crucial. Be open to learning, unlearning, and relearning. Adaptability isn't about losing your essence; it's about evolving while staying true to your core values.

And if something doesn't align with your values, then quitting that is OKAY.

Don't let hustle culture fool you into doing something you hate because you're not a "quitter", that's how we catch diseases, die early and your spouse re-marries someone younger and hotter ASAP (haha jk about the spouse part, after weeks of blog writing I feel like I can joke with you)

Recreating Identity to Achieve Goals

Our goals often require different versions of ourselves. Here's how you can actively recreate your identity to align with your aspirations:

  1. Set Clear Goals: Define what you want to achieve. Be specific about your ambitions.

  2. Align Your Identity with Your Goals: Ask yourself, "Who do I need to become to achieve these goals?" This might involve developing new skills, changing certain habits, or even altering your mindset.

  3. Take Action: Identity transformation isn't passive. Engage in activities that align with your desired identity. Surround yourself with people who embody aspects of this identity. This creates a conducive environment for growth. Massive, Massive action. Nothing comes easy and if it does, you question it and self-sabotage (thats science)

  4. Reflect and Iterate: Regularly reflect on your journey. Are your actions aligning with your desired identity? What adjustments are needed? This is an ongoing process of refinement. Also, find a mentor or a coach to keep you on check here. 

The Role of Resilience

Change can be challenging. Resilience is essential in identity mapping. It's about bouncing back from setbacks and seeing challenges as opportunities for growth. Resilience fortifies your identity, making it robust yet flexible. You wanna stay in that challenge : skill sweet spot of just stretching yourself enough every time. Day upon day the compounding of that is what leads to sustained growth


Identity mapping in a constantly evolving world is about understanding and shaping who you are to navigate life's journey effectively. It requires introspection, adaptability, and action. Remember, your identity is your compass, and you have the power to recalibrate it as you voyage through life's ever-changing landscapes. Embrace this journey of self-discovery and transformation, and watch as you align closer with your true self and your goals.

And because I love you guys, I have created a Neuroscience based Identity Mapping (Metamorphosis) tool which you can get for FREE, WHAT?!!! 

Click here to get it.

As Always, you are loved, you are enough and I believe in you ❤️ 

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